Monday, April 11, 2011

Summer Savings Plan

This weekend got me thinking about my expenses. After looking at wedding expenses coming up and hopefully buying a house next year, I realized that I need to start putting some serious money aside. Friends that know me, know that I'm a good saver but I have a tendency to shop....and sometimes it can't be tamed! Well, starting today (well yesterday really) I'm going to vow to SAVE. I'm allowing myself to purchase one clothing item a month and how ever much it is I need to match it to my savings. So, if decide to buy an $80 top it would really be $160 (since I would have to match). Hopefully, the outcome would be for me to see if that top was really worth $160 - and maybe I will opt out of buying it at all. I'm on a mission to find more ways for me to save money and will hopefully post helpful tips along the way. My first bit of savings started yesterday when RBD and I were walking into town and I saw that my salon was having a Cut-A-Thon for $25...

Well, I went in and got a cut!
I have a hair appointment tomorrow (cut and highlight - minus the cut now) 
so I actually saved money since my cuts are usually $60!

Savings here I come!

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