Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hair Repair - Day One

Over the past month, I've been noticing my hair breaking in the most random parts (it's mostly in the front). I would literally look in the mirror and be like, "my hair dresser did not just chop off this much hair!" So, yesterday I did some research and found some helpful products and ways to keep your hair healthy. Here's what I'm going to try....

1. Try not to wash your hair everyday

2. Vitiamns

3. Use a brush with boar bristles

4. Use Aveda Damage Repair and Smooth Infusion
The Damage Remedy will add protien to your hair to help straighthen and protect any damaged ends. I used it this morning and it's really light and doesn't make my hair greesy or weighed down. It's suggested that for 2 weeks you use this product every time you wash your hair. Then after two weeks only use it once or twice a week.

Smooth Infusion is a product I've been using for months now and you can use it on top of the Damage Repair to help protect your hair from heat damage. Once again, I used this product and Damage Repair this morning and my hair feels smooth without looking greesy - YA!

My other goal is not to staighten my hair as much - so wish me luck!
And I'll keep you posted on how my hair looks after two weeks.

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