Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Dose

It was a real struggle to wake up this morning with all the fog in the air and the crisp, cold breeze hitting my face as I let the dog out. So, in order for me to get my day started on the right foot, I made my way to Starbucks to get my Tall, Skinny Vanilla Latte. While I was standing in line the lady at the register asked me if I wanted to take a minute to fill out a survey. Usually, I'm the one who is in to much of a rush to spare a minute but today I just felt like doing it. WELL....I ended up getting today's coffee for free and my next coffee on the house as well! It's amazing how little things like this make my day. Although, I can't tell if this was a sign for me to slow down in life and learn to smell the roses more...hmmm.
My next coffee is FREE!

1 comment:

  1. SCORE! I hope I get asked to take a survey at Starbucks!!!

    What a small world. I have known Char since 5th grade. I did a little FB stalking and I actually remember meeting your sister Hilary in high school at Ocean Reef. I still remember she was wearing the cutest plaid pants ever. Hopefully I will get to meet you in person with Kara someday. They were most definitely REEF CUPS in the picture! xx