Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Home

Both RBD and I grow up in CT, so we loving coming home to see friends and hang out at our old hot spots. This weekend we had to focus on some wedding items but we still got to do some of our favorite things while we were home....

I got to see my Darien Girls
 (AA is missing in this pic but she's taking it)

I went to my favorite bagel shop in Darien

How good does this look - yumm!

We walked around Rowayton
I love this town!

We said our final goodbye's to RBD's house in Rowayton.
His parents moved to Singapore and his family house finally sold :(
Although, I am excited to visit Singapore!

The cake tasting was really fun.
We got to eat endless amounts of cake!


We can't wait for our next trip home!

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