Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Time For Some KLP...

It has been about 100 degrees here for the past 4 days and I'm ready for things to cool off a little. Whenever it's this hot out, I always enjoy making my gilt free Key Lime Pie. So.... guess what I decided to do!?

Here's how you make it:

 1/2 Cup of Key Lime Juice (or actual key limes if you have it)
14oz of Fat Free Sweeten Condensed Milk
1 Tub of Fat Free CoolWhip
Graham Cracker Crust

1)Stir the Sweetened Condensed Milk and Key Lime Juice till the consistency thickens
2)Pour the combined Milk and Juice to the bottom of the Graham Cracker Crust
3)Add CoolWhip to top

And there it is!

I put mine in the freezer for a few hours then take it out 1hr before serving.
Good luck and enjoy - I know I will :)

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