Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life in the Reef...

It's day 3 back in reality and I'm still having Ocean Reef withdrawls. The girls and I have been emailing eachother back and forth about meeting at the "Raw Bar" for lunch or who's taking which golf cart...haha. Life in the Reef consists of driving around in golf carts, shopping, eating and getting sun kissed - sounds fabulous, right?! Here are some more pictures of our amazing trip.....

ALY and Kiki in the Golf Cart

 The Darien Girls!
I wish I had an "afters" shot of all of us - after a few reef cups we didn't look that cute.

Dot and Kiki

Kiki driving the bubble golf cart!
You would never guess where we were headed....hmmm THE BEACH maybe?

The Girls!

Next fall on Bravo...The Real Housewives of Ocean Reef!
Ha ha - sorry that picture just looks like something out of a reality TV series.

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